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LucaMari Co Ltd believes in a comprehensive approach, guarantees full support, assistance, covering the entire needs of the business, from initial concept, the start-up and beyond. We also provide advising to existing businesses that want to improve, increase, and expand their activity. 


Gelato shops new opening


Advises to improve existent ice cream shops


Customized and labelled ingredients




LucaMari Co Ltd develops customised improved plans in accordance with customers in order to :


1. Set up new Gelato shops and concepts

2. Revise existing activities layout, sales strategies, products and production methods

3. Improve product lines, menus, refine sales strategies

4. Direct Advises, or throughout our partners, for the 100% complete service, sharing experiences we got all around the world. 

5. Training services

6. Creation and production of customized products, also labelled at your choice



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