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Ingredients, Raw Material, Semi finished Products, Compound Ingredients for Italian Gelato, American Ice Cream, Pastry, Bakery, Confectionery


Lucamari Co Ltd continuously select the “Best quality Ingredients”, to allow gelato/pastry makers, to make every dessert a sublime, unforgettable experience.



Ingredients are leading actors, in making Gelato, Ice Cream, cakes, confectionery and alike. Semi Finished Products and Compound Ingredients provided by LucaMari Co Ltd, are made by primary, worldwide recognized, Italian manufacturers, specifically suitable for any of the above mentioned productions.


Natural, ISO Certified, Top Quality Ingredients (Halal Included), to guarantee the best performance, available in different dosages and characteristics: “Low” or “medium” dosages, “Ready to use”, for Warm as well as Cold Preparations, Pastes and variegates, Raw Materials and Ready mixes, all what you need for amazing Gelato and Pastry, as well as bakery or any other dessert.


Customized, “Made by Order”, “Private labeled” products, are also commonly provided by LucaMari, accordingly. 

Professionals, lovers, beginners, Ho.Re.Ca, all of them will find the perfect solution at the right need, time, and price.

Contacts us any time, our team will follow you helping to clear any question, or Take a look to our shop online to get more details.



Silikomart's vast selection of products satisfies all types of customer and market needs.


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