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Established since 1936, Prodotti Stella,“ industry for confectionery food products and alike”, celebrates more than 70 years of activity successes and steady growth in the field of a typical “Made in Italy” product: Artisan Gelato.


Prodotti Stella is based on a precise philosophy: finding real solutions to the problems of the gelato and pastry sector. This requires great sensibility and attention towards the problems involved in the daily relationship with consumers.


The wide range of Prodotti Stella mixes and preparations will let you customise your base mix depending your needs:

industrial or artisanal use, soft machines, use in combination with other ingredients, or as ready - to - use preparation,hot or cold processing Low-fat products, with cream or vegetable fats,usual, cholesterol-free or low-calories products, with or without milk and milk by-products All the products by Prodotti Stella are OGM and OGM-derived ingredients FREE, as well as the very special ”Tale&Quale” products selection they do not contain: hidrogenated vegetable fat, Synthetic colourings, Thickeners, stabilisers and emulsifier of synthetic origin.


You can chose among a wide variety of paste products suited both to give your Italian Gelato, Ice cream, Semifreddo, Mousse and Sorbet the desired flavour, also particularly suitable to variegate and fill As a result, the final texture will be fine and satiny,allowing to spread or portion the Gelato at your wish, thus enhancing the genuine flavours of Italian Gelato


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