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Welcome to is the leading Thai resource for Italian Gelato, we operates within the fast-growing Thai market related to Italian Gelato, Ice-Cream, Pastry, Bakery and Confectionery sector.


Relying on its long experience in the field, LucaMari Co. Ltd. has become the point of reference for companies that operate in Italian Gelato, Ice-Cream, Soft Ice, frozen or traditional Pastry, Cakes and Bakery business supplying ingredients, equipment, accessories, consulting up to propose new business opportunities as well.


We are strongly convinced that learning is one of the major keys to success both in business and in life. Applying this concept in our sector, The ever-changing nature of Italian gelato and ice-cream sector, The continuous regular input on the market of new products and equipments,The constant technical improvement of production cycles, The incessant changes of consumers demand, All these reasons requires continuous professional learning and refreshment.



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